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Parents want their children to do well at school and to develop a strong foundation in learning. Learning a foreign language is an asset in the global environment. Sunshine Online helps children learn to develop confidence in the English language. Parents/Cargivers can now set up three children and assign books for them to read, track their progress and listen to the child's recording.

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Animated and interactive, Sunshine Online is a fun place to learn! Children can work at their own pace and level and are engaged and motivated. Success builds more success and confidence.

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Program Features

Sunshine Online has three Learning Spaces for A1 to B1.

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There are over 900 fiction and non-fiction e-books that can be used for listening, reading and speaking English. There are hundreds of skills activities, as well as a recording function to read and listen to the reading.

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26 Alphabet e-books provide a comprehensive introduction to the building blocks of language.

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There are 24 Letter Combination and 32 Word Family e-books. This series represents, with the alphabet e-books, a comprehensive phonics program of texts and interactive activities.

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Short animated explanations teach grammar points and parts of speech in a fun way. Upon completion, children get a certificate or trophy to reward their learning.

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Letters and Words

Activities that teach the alphabetic principle. Children learn to recognise the names and initial sounds of the letters and practise 48 keywords in context.

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Game Zone

The games and activities entertain children, while they learn about the sounds of the language.

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Songs and Rhymes

Singing is an excellent and enjoyable way to learn the rhythm of English. There are fifteen songs and an alphabet rap, with music and words, for children to sing along to.

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The Staffroom is where you will find teaching resources including teaching notes, overview skills charts and printable activity sheets.

Student Dashboard and Reporting

Keep track of your child's progress via the integrated student dashboard. View their results and work history and listen to the recording activity to check for fluency and understanding.

Sunshine Student Dashboard